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Tidal Bore Rafting Resort, Nova Scotia

Partner Programs

We have a number of tourism industry partner programs designed to help businesses develop and grow. Please consult these resources for the one that will help you reach your goals. Check out this video to see how partners benefited from last year’s programs.

The following partner programs support the development of world class experiences, quality content and digital marketing.

World Class Experience EXCELLerator Program

This program offers eligible operators the opportunity to work with Tourism Nova Scotia experts to develop one of 25 experiences that create a buzz and inspire first time visitors to travel to Nova Scotia. Operators will benefit from one-on-one coaching, research, professional development, marketing asset production and more. Up to 10 partners will be accepted to the program. Click here to learn more

Digital Content Marketing Program

The Digital Content Marketing Program provides Nova Scotia tourism businesses and organizations with an opportunity to partner with Tourism Nova Scotia to create marketing assets and to promote their products and/or services in Ontario, Quebec and Northeastern United States, using digital marketing tactics. Tourism Nova Scotia has merged the Inspiring Content Program and Digital Marketing Program to make it easier for industry to partner with us on content creation and digital marketing through a single application. Click here to learn more.