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Cabot Cliffs in Inverness, Nova Scotia

Tourist Accommodations Needs Assessment

Tourism Nova Scotia, in collaboration with the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, recently hired Group ATN Consulting Inc. and The Economic Planning Group of Canada Tourism Consultants to complete a Tourist Accommodations Needs Assessment for Nova Scotia.

The assessment identifies accommodation-related opportunities and constraints that must be acknowledged and addressed if Nova Scotia’s tourism industry is to reach $4 billion in tourism revenues by 2024.

The report contains helpful information for accommodation operators, existing and potential tourism businesses, and investors, and outlines inventory and profile of roofed accommodations and campgrounds, market context, and demand for tourist accommodation in Nova Scotia. The report provides key findings and insights related to:

  • supply and demand
  • quality
  • seasonality
  • barriers to growth
  • needs and opportunities

To obtain a copy of the Tourist Accommodations Needs Assessment Report, please complete the form below. If you have questions about the report or accommodations business opportunities, please contact Nick Fry, Manager of Business Development at

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