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Ivany Report: 2024 Tourism Goal

In 2014, the Nova Scotia Commission on Building our New Economy conducted research and held public consultations across Nova Scotia in pursuit of ideas to create a brighter, more sustainable economic future for Nova Scotia.

The Commission, comprised of respected leaders from diverse backgrounds and communities throughout Nova Scotia published a report called “Now or Never: An Urgent Call to Action for Nova Scotians.” The report asks Nova Scotians to come together and focus on one common goal, with each person and sector doing what it can to positively shift the province’s economic and social potential, which is threatened by a diminishing fiscal situation and aging demographics.

One of the main messages in the report is that Nova Scotians must stop relying on government to solve our challenges. We must shift our attitudes and come up with new ways of doing things.

The report challenged a number of sectors in the province to take action. The goal for Nova Scotia’s Tourism industry states:

Now or Never Ivany Report cover

Goal #14: Tourism Expansion
As Nova Scotia’s leading source of service sector exports, gross business revenues from tourism will reach $4 billion by 2024.

Learn more about the Now or Never Report and the One Nova Scotia Commission.

“Our knee jerk reaction is to ask… What’s government going to do?
How’s government going to solve this? … and the reality is, they’re not.
Even if you think government should do it, look at the numbers… they can’t do it.
Even if they think they should… even if they wanted to.”
Ray Ivany, Chair, Nova Scotia Commission on Building our New Economy
Chronicle Herald, February 12, 2014